The French Hospital


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Founded in 1718 as a charity for poor Huguenot refugees, today it provides accommodation for elderly people in need, who are able to look after themselves, though a warden is always on hand to assist in an emergency. The Almshouse is centrally situated, close to Rochester Cathedral. There are some 60 self-contained flats, all with their own front door and emergency call system. Heating and hot water are provided at a token cost from a central source. Contributions/rents are in the region of £450 per month. A common room also acts as a chapel for the weekly Holy Communion service, taken by the Chaplain. Applicants must be able to satisfy the directors they are of direct Huguenot or French Protestant descent.

In addition to the Almshouse buildings, the recent purchase of a nearby large building housing Medway Council Tourist Information Centre on the ground floor, will allow the establishment of a Huguenot Heritage Centre on the other floors for which an Appeal has been launched.

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